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Values that sets us apart:

• At Peach Strides and Pristine Marketing Solution dejo Limited, we believe in SIMPLE, EASY, INNOVATIVE and VISIBLE IDEAS that work.

• We are an Agency that makes profit when her Clients earn Revenue.

• We simplify ideas to deliver WOW service.

We are a group of young, vibrant, go-getting experienced Marketers.

We are ready to partner with brands for growth and expansion. If your brand is slow paced in its marketing, we give it the necessary push, if it's ailing or out, we give it the life treatment and if it's a sleeping beauty, we give it the kiss of life.

Ours is a visionary world:

To be the first desired, much-wanted Marketing Support Agency in an ever-growing industry

A mission that sets us apart:

We shall always provide stronger business results on smarter engagement platforms using deep audience insight.

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What we do

The essential ingredient of Experiential Marketing is Engagement. Participatory brand experiences that cut through the clutter and genuinely engage to build brands. At Peach Strides and Pristine Marketing Solution Limited, we capture the moments and create a great story that will endear customers to brands through our various:

  • Brand Activations
  • Retail communications and Merchandising
  • Corporate and Brand Events
  • Human resource recruitment and management
  • Media and Digital Campaigns
  • Ultimately, we make brands talk

Our Expertise
  • We help brands engage targets
  • We build brand communication
  • We Provide an outside perspective to the business for objective analysis
  • We enhance tactical and strategic planning
Our Competitive Advantage
  • There is commitment to delivering quality services by every person who is
    part of our team.
  • Each of us is responsible to push ourselves to higher level of consistent
    professionalism and accuracy in fulfilling Client marketing wishes.
  • We are Licensed ( FGN / LABOUR) Certified .
  • We have a blue chip Client list that can attest to tested and proven competence.
  • We have a working and effective process
Culture that sets us apart
  • Ownership. Bias for action. Frugality

Our Services

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Professionals behind it all


Olalekan Oladejo

Managing Director

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Oluwatoyin Adeyemo

Executive Director

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Osoname Anthony Aliu

Field Events Director

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Raliat Aminu

Relationship manager

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Peach Strides and Pristine Marketing Solution Limited is set to take Experiential campaigns to greater heights. Contact us on how we can partner with your brands to achieve desired marketing goals

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